Nervosa’s Prika Amaral Talks Whether You Should REALLY Come To Brazil on This Week’s Last Words

Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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“Come to Brazil!” This phrase has become a joke in the metal community throughout its ongoing relationship with sweet Mother Internet. It seems like every time a band posts something about their whereabouts or current activities, some commenter has to chime in urging them to come tour Brazil. But while Brazil will always have a special place in the hearts of metalheads — it is the homeland of both game-changing thrash group Sepultura and electric jungle monster Blanka — is it really worth the trip? Will a Brazilian tour be all Rock In Rio, or will you find yourself in a scene from City of God?

Brazil is the topic of this week’s episode of our metal talk show Last Words, with hosts Katy Irizarry (Season Of Mist), Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves/Ex Man Podcast), and Zeena Koda (Everything’s Political Podcast) joined by Prika Amaral, guitarist for vicious Brazilian thrash act Nervosa. In discussing the band’s ripping new album Perpetual Chaos, Prika brings up Nervosa’s new line-up, whose ranks are made up of musicians from Europe — where, it seems, Prika is planning to relocate for work purposes.

“I’m from Brazil, but I’m moving to Europe, to be closer to the girls, so we can practice and do everything we have to do,” explains the guitarist. “In Europe, it’s very easy to fly between all the countries in the European Union, so this is not a big problem…in Nervosa before, we lived very far from each other here in Brazil, so we’re accustomed to working with the distance.”

Prika also confronted the whole ‘Come to Brazil!’ trend, explaining that Brazilians are so out of most bands’ paths that they’re just dying for their favorite artists to roll through. “We’re far from everywhere, we’re in the very south. It’s hard…from São Paulo to Fortaleza is five hours flying, so you can imagine how long it is to fly to Europe, to the USA.”

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