Monasteries’ New Track Proves That Deathcore Is Alive and Kicking

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Though its initial boom was followed by a deluge of hate in the early 2010s, deathcore remains a fertile breeding ground for sonic savagery, as Monasteries are here to prove. The UK-based quintet announced today that they’ve signed to Seek and Strike Records, and have marked this momentous occasion with the release of a new track, “Allowing Your Traitors to Die,” via a harrowing music video. Brooding, multi-faceted, and more than just a gnarly gush of breakdowns, “Allowing Your Traitors to Die” shows just how far deathcore has come, and how many different directions Monasteries are willing to take it.

To better understand the nutrition behind this absolute rager, we reached out to the band’s own Aaron Wright to learn about the pitch-pulsing heart at the core of Monasteries…

What do the title and lyrics for “Allowing Your Traitors to Die” mean to you?

They mean a lot because they were wrote during a hard period of my life, and that fueled the majority of the lyrics, because I didn’t know what I wanted to write about or what topics I should touch. So it all just came naturally out of anger and a bad state of mind and health. The meaning behind the song is a bleak realization of our reality and how some people won’t accept they’re as bad as one another, whether they show their toxic traits out of spite or not. We have to welcome our mistakes with open arms and move on.

Where’d the concept for the “Allowing Your Traitors…” video come from?

I had multiple ideas for the concept of the video, but obviously due to the pandemic we had to make do with what we had. So obviously, we had to act ourselves, which was hands down some of the funniest times I’ve had with my friends. I wanted to do something that represented the song/lyrics by having a dark room with a group of best friends, waking up in the unknown not knowing what is entirely happening, or what is going to happen. They’re practically forced to play Russian roulette until they can admit their faults, but they fail to do so. This concept was influenced by the films Hostel and Saw. Funny enough, the lighting came from me experimenting in my room with a Darth Vader key chain that had a light on it, and I thought it would be cool to do something similar and have individual band shots of us coming in and out. I’d also like to say a special thank you to Loki Films for bringing the visuals and idea to life.

Was your vocalist’s blazer a pointed choice for the video? Only ask because it’s flashier than everyone else’s dress!

I wanted to wear something that represented how I felt during that time period, hence the harness underneath the blazer, which is a symbol of being claustrophobic and trapped. I try to separate myself from others vocally and visually by pushing my limits, wearing stuff that is considered “weird” and “unusual.“ But ever since I’ve allowed myself to wear what I want and not give a single care about other people’s opinions, I’ve become a lot happier.

It seems like deathcore waned shortly after it blew up, but you guys are injecting it with new energy. What about the genre excites you?

Just how continuously relentless and ruthless the genre is. Like, there’s so many insane bands about! Oceano is a perfect example of that, because that opening track for their album Ascendants is absolutely ridiculous. Live performances for the genre is also exciting because when you reach that section in a song that is intense and just stupidly heavy, the whole room just moves. And there’s no better feeling than that.

What are you most excited for listeners to hear in your music?

I’m excited for people to hear the stuff we’ve been experimenting with, because we try and expand our sound by adding other genres into our music while still keeping that chaotic and intense sound that we have. I think that is what keeps us fresh because none of our songs are similar or sound exactly the same as one another! This is a new era of Monasteries, and I’m more than confident that the fans will enjoy this. During these trying times we’d like to thank everyone for the continued support, whether they have shown it by either buying merch or listening to our music. We hope to get back out there soon.

Check out “Allowing Your Traitors to Die” below:

Keep an eye out for Monasteries new EP from Seek And Strike Records.


Words by Chris Krovatin