Horror Legend John Carpenter Loves BABYMETAL, Would Collaborate With Them

Babymetal by Sven Mandel, via Wikipedia
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Most people know John Carpenter as the master of horror behind such classic films as Halloween, The ThingThe FogEscape from New York, and They Live. Some probably also recognize him as a prolific synthwave artist whose soundtrack work for many of those movies was one of the pioneering influences on the genre. But how many of us were aware that he’s a diehard BABYMETAL fan?

Speaking to Kerrang!, Carpenter was asked about whether or not he was a fan of hard rock and metal, to which the infamous director responded, “I am a fan. I love Metallica. But you know, my life will be complete if I get endorsed by the Japanese group BABYMETAL. I love them! They’re so fabulous.”

When asked if he’d collaborate with the Japanese pop-metal act, Carpenter replied, “I would love it.”

So there you have it: every time some hardcore horror fan talks about how BABYMETAL aren’t real metal, they should stop and remember that the dude who directed the movie on their T-shirt fucking loves them. Suck on that.

This harrowing news comes after the announcement of Carpenter’s new album Lost Themes III, along with its first single “The Dead Walk.” “John Carpenter famously called the first Lost Themes album ‘a soundtrack for the movies in your mind,’ says the record’s press release. “On Alive After Death those movies are even more vivid, with song titles among his most evocative as well. Lead single ‘Weeping Ghost’ thrillingly conjures its title figure in a wash of synthesizer, making the listener’s neck hairs stand on end as the aural specter stalks the halls of a dilapidated mansion. The pulsing ‘The Dead Walk’ makes the zombie apocalypse feel like a rave. The gloomy, atmospheric closing track ‘Carpathian Darkness’ casts shadow on the album with its strikingly effective minimal piano and splashes of twinkling synth. Each of the ten songs is a universe unto itself.”

Listen to “The Dead Walk” below:

Lost Themes III: Alive After Death comes out February 5th, 2021, and is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting for the record below:

  1. Alive After Death
  2. Weeping Ghost
  3. Dripping Blood
  4. Dead Eyes
  5. Vampire’s Touch
  6. Cemetery
  7. Skeleton
  8. Turning the Bones
  9. The Dead Walk
  10. Carpathian Darkness


Words by Chris Krovatin