Exodus’ Gary Holt Swapped Guitars With My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero

Frank Iero by Jon R. Hanna, Gary Holt by Antje Naumann. Both via Wikipedia.
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2019 revealed something that surprises some rock fans: many of rock and metal’s most hardcore musicians are diehard My Chemical Romance fans. When the New Jersey emo rock heavyweights announced their return to the stage in 2019, social media was abuzz with fans welcoming them back and hailing their classic albums — among them Gary Holt, guitarist for thrash metal titans Exodus and former guitarist of Slayer. Now, Gary has posted a picture online of a new guitar he received by swapping one with MCR guitarist Frank Iero.

Holt posted pictures of his new guitar to Instagram, complete with a shot of the signature on the back reading, ‘Gary , Thank you for being a real one!’

“Did a little guitar swap with my friend @frankieromustdie for this cool as fuck Ampeg Dan Armstrong, totally love it!” wrote Holt in the post. “Has this crazy slide in pickup mount that is just nuts! Frank called it the DeLorean of guitars and I think he’s right! Thanks bro! Gonna do a quick set up on it and take it for a spin!”


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It’s good to know that the guy who wrote “Fabulous Disaster” and the guy who wrote “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” are bosom pals.

Exodus fans need not fear, though — Gary isn’t going to leave the band for a gig with MCR. In fact, recent social media posts show that Exodus are hard at work on their new album, and that they have a title and everything.

In November, Gary posted a photo to Instagram from a new issue of Decibel, in which the band’s album was listed among the most-anticipated records of the coming year. Included in the piece was the album’s title, Persona Non Grata, which Gary confirmed:

“So the title of the new record is out! The next @exodusbandofficial record is titled “Persona Non Grata” and will be our summer 2021! And I LOVE the studios name here in @decibelmagazine , “The garage next to Tom Hunting’a house”! Haha! Engineered by @stevelagudiproductions , produced by us, being mixed by @andysneap as we speak . Early indications are this monster sounds fucking sick! Doing some spot vocal stuff tomorrow with @zetrodus and then tracking is DONE. Gonna be a long wait until the release of this beast on @nuclearblastrecords.”


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More on Exodus’ new album as it comes.


Words by Chris Krovatin