Blood In The Ink: A ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Animated Series Is On The Way

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Last week saw Robert Rodriguez’s madcap vampire film From Dusk Till Dawn turn 25 years old. The movie, about a duo of bank robbers who hold a family hostage and take them to a Mexican strip club only to discover it’s populated by bloodsuckers, has become a cultural staple, and spawned three seasons of a live-action TV show. Now, Rodriguez has revealed that an animated series based on the film is in the works.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, in a recent interview Rodriguez revealed to SFX (via Games Radar), “We did three seasons of that [television series]. And now we’re looking towards, we’re developing an animated Dusk till Dawn.”

Apparently, the show “will follow in the footsteps of the live-action show and further explore the world of Aztec vampires.”

More on this as we know it, but suffice it to say, we’re stoked.

Since its release, From Dusk Till Dawn has become a cult classic due to its insane mixture of sex, violence, and vampire horror. Most notable in the film is Salma Hayek portraying Satánico Pandemonium, a terrifying but alluring creature of the night who easily made our list of the most metal vampires of all time.

“You know you’re doing the whole vampire thing right if you can walk into a room and shove your foot in a dude’s mouth — and he just sits there (though it helps if that guy is Quentin Taratino),” wrote The Pit’s Chris Krovatin. “Salma Hayek’s Satánico Pandemonium is arguably the scariest vampire in Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn, if only because of how seductive she is. Without so much as a word, this monster has everyone in her thrall — and then transforms into a scaly night creature with only blood and human slavery on her mind. Impossible to look away from, clad in little more than a giant snake — metal, thy name is woman.”