WATCH NOW: Dino Cazares Reveals The True Story Behind Fear Factory’s ‘Demanufacture’

© Markus Felix (talk to me), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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In 1995, LA death metal band Fear Factory decided to shift gears and add new elements to their unique sound — and by doing so, changed the face of metal as we know it. After touching on industrial elements with their 1992 debut Soul of a New Machine and expanding into that realm with their 1993 EP Fear Is The Mindkiller, the band — guitarist Dino Cazares, vocalist Burton C. Bell, drummer Raymond Herrera, and new bassist Christian Olde Wolbers — went all-in on their mixture of kinetic extreme metal and powerful, urban industrial and electronica. The end product was Demanufacture, a record that spawned millions of imitators but no equals, and which introduced the world at large to industrial metal as a whole.

In honor of Demanufacture‘s 25th anniversary, and its first vinyl pressing in the United States via Run Out Groove‘s new 3LP vinyl edition, The Pit’s own Chris Krovatin sat down with Dino to discuss how Fear Factory went from an exciting up-and-coming extreme metal crew to one of the genre’s most innovative forces. Along the way, Cazares reveals some of the ambient influences behind the record (among them the Rodney King riots and the band living in a building with walls so thin you could put your hand through them) and some of the trials, tribulations, and hilarious mishaps that went into the recording of this game-changing release. And that’s not even touching on all the shit these dudes gave Bon Jovi himself during throughout.

Watch you interview with Dino below: