Watch Members of Converge, The Distillers, War On Women and More Cover Samhain’s “Mother Of Mercy”

Grywnn, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Last we heard from the shoemaker elves at Two Minutes to Late Night, they were ringing in the cold season with a little pagan battle metal courtesy of Thin Lizzy. But now, as though realizing they covered a goddamn Christmas song on Halloween, the Two live crew have decided to go dark and autumnal with an extra-spooky cover of “Mother of Mercy” by Samhain, the band Glenn Danzig performed in between The Misfits and his solo career.

This celebration of November going fire has a pretty solid line-up — performing “Mother of Mercy” are Brooks Harlan (War On Women) and Brain McClelland (Fucked and Bound) on guitar, Nate Newton (Converge) on bass, Andy Granelli (The Distillers) on drums, and of course Gwarsenio Hall doing his best Evil Elvis on vocals. The track is certainly gothy and heavy, but still manages to take part in heavy metal’s most honored tradition: snickering at Danzig.

Relive the brown-leaf vertigo with “Mother of Mercy” below:

And if this one doesn’t make you pine for Halloween 2021 already, watch one of Two Minutes‘ other covers:

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Words by Chris Krovatin