Steel Panther Send The Year Off In Style With “F**k 2020”

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Even those people for whom it had good moments can agree that 2020 sucked, hard. Whether you had kids, graduated, or won the fuckin’ lottery, you have to admit that the global pandemic, the live music shutdown that resulted from it, and the constant state of political and cultural upheaval that permeated every day of this hellscape year can eat our asses with all their spices. Thankfully, Steel Panther are here to say what we’re all thinking with their new single, titled — that’s right — “Fuck 2020.”

In “Fuck 2020,” Steel Panther take on the whole stupid year, from COVID (“Stupid fucking dude out in Wuhan at a a fucking bat/Didn’t wash his hands, then gave the plague to the rest of the planet”) to the year’s celebrity deaths (“Kobe Bryant, Frankie Banali, Kenny Rodgers, too/Little Richard, Sean Connery, Neil Peart, and Kirk fucking Douglass/And if that shit wasn’t bad enough, Eddie Van Halen, too!”), rounding them all up with the sentiments that everyone will be harboring as the ball drops on this year (“Fuck 2020/2020 can suck my dick”). It’s a hilarious reminder that while we’re all experiencing very complicated emotions this year, Steel Panther will forever be there to sum those feelings up in a totally inappropriate way.

Due to the fact that Steel Panther say ‘Fuck’ a ton and throw the bird a bunch, YouTube isn’t letting us embed the video here, but you can watch it online right now. In the meantime, here are some screenshots:


Words by Chris Krovatin