Slipknot’s New Whiskey Box Set Comes With Clown’s Own Moonshine

Morten Jensen, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Last year, masked metal circus Slipknot announced the creation of their own brand of booze, Slipknot’s Iowa No. 9 Whiskey. Now, just in time for the holidays, the band are releasing a special edition box set of this licensed hooch — and it comes with a special bottle of Clown’s own moonshine!

As reported by Metal Injection, the specialty box set comes with a bottle of Slipknot’s No. 9 Reserve Whiskey, which is a fancier version of their Iowa No. 9 Whiskey. However, the real treat comes in the form of Clown’s Iowa Shine, a 750 ml, 45% ABV (90 proof) raw bourbon straight from the still. In true moonshine fashion, this liquor appears clear, and, though this is not in its description on the website from which it’s available, might make you go blind if consumed in enough quantities (fingers crossed). How long a dead crow can be preserved in the shine is also not specified in the description.

The one catch: this whiskey box set goes for $150, an amount of money that could go towards an incredibly nice bottle of scotch that does not bear the Slipknot logo. That said, if you know a drinker who’s also a diehard Slipknot fan, this might be worth the holiday splurge.

Slipknot’s whiskey box set is available for purchase.

This isn’t the only good news for Slipknot fans — according to frontman Corey Taylor, the Iowan nine-piece are already considering the option of putting out a new record in 2021, though he includes a hard emphasis on considering.

Speaking to Scott Bowling’s Good Company, Corey said, “The plan right now with Slipknot is to try and a) finish up the touring next year, and b) we’re thinking about kind of putting another album out maybe next year. But I don’t know. I don’t know what the plan is yet. I just know that we all kind of feel like there’s unfinished business and we wanna finish that out before we do anything. But I know that we were talking about doing it, ’cause we only have one album left on our contract [with our record label].”

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Words by Chris Krovatin