Perdition Sect (Ringworm, Incantation, Keelhaul) Close 2020 With A Pissed-Off Scream On Their New Album

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To hear that Perdition Sect‘s line-up includes Kyle Severn of Incantation, Matt Sorg and Mike Lare of Ringworm, and Aaron Dallison of Keelhaul and Brain Tentacles, one might assume their music to be some of the most murky, hostile material known to man. But it’s so much better than that — on their new album End Times, the Ohio-based project go all in on some speedy, pissed-off, no-frills thrash with significant overtones of D-beat and oldest-school death metal. The result is a much-needed injection of rabid anger that feels like the emotion at the core of 2020. The world may be depressed, confused, and overwhelmed, but when all is said and done, we’re all just mad as fucking hell that this year happened.

Before raging to our exclusive advance stream of Perdition Sect’s new album, we caught up with Aaron about how the band came about and what they plan to do with the musical arsenal they’re wielding.

How did Perdition Sect come together as a project?

I think I can answer all of this with one story. Matt Sorg and myself were attending an Obsessed show at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, OH. After their set the two of us were sitting at the bar amped up from the show, buzzed up from some drinks, and discussing the uncertain future, as we knew we would be out of work due to the COVID lockdown. I suggested to Matt that we should use the time off to write some Discharge-inspired songs about the current state of humanity. You know, maybe do something real quick, and put out a 7”. He agreed, and then we continued talking about whatever else it was we were babbling about. The next day, I shook off the sheen on my brain from the previous night and texted him to see if he was still down in which he was. I then proceeded to text Kyle and Lare and asked if they would do it. Somehow they both thought that this was a good idea and agreed to it.

Now That’s Class is a serious bar. Did any forties go into the creation of this record?

No forties were consumed by Matt Sorg and myself during the birth of this band, although we would not have been opposed to it.

Did you guys have your sound in mind, or did it evolve as you played together? 

I have no idea! The only sonic aspect that was ever mentioned was that we wanted it to be Discharge-inspired. We are all fans, so we just hit the ground running with that. Within less than two weeks, we had ten songs written. We tracked in May at Kyle’s house during four or five separate and distanced sessions. We still have not played together as this band.

How has it been forming, developing, and recording a project during the madness of 2020?

I found it to be inspiring, exciting, and an outright fucking blast. We have all known each other for twenty-plus years, so even though it was a lot of work done quickly, it was easy and fun. I’m pretty sure it never could have happened this way with four strangers during a pandemic.

What track are you most excited for fans to hear off of the record?

Honestly, I’m too old to care. I like all of them myself, so I hope folks dig the entire record.

Listen to our exclusive advance stream of Perdition Sect’s End Times below:

Perdition Sect’s End Times comes out Friday, December 11, via Seeing Red Records, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin