Moshtalks’ Terry “Beez” Bezer Discusses The Best Metal Of 2020 On This Week’s Last Words

Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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2020: what a fucking gauntlet of a year. Between the global pandemic, the race riots, the election, the people freaking out that the results of the election was some kind of conspiracy, and Tiger King, this might have been the dumbest year most living people have ever experienced. But truth be told, though 2o20 has been unfathomably stupid across the board, it has also yielded some pretty incredible metal albums.

That is the subject of the latest episode of our heavy metal talk show Last Words, hosts hosts Jordan Olds (Two Minutes To Late Night), Katy Irizarry (Season Of Mist), and Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves/Ex Man Podcast). This week, Terry “Beez” Beser of Moshtalks joins the crew in discussing which of 2020’s many ripping metal albums were worth shoving earbuds in for, and which are a bunch of hype if anything at all.

Among Beez’s choices, Sex Love & The Infinite Void by UK goth-rockers Creeper ranked exceptionally high. “They are one of the most fearless bands on this planet,” says Beez, “to the extent where they finished their album cycle on the first record, main stage on Reading and Leeds, loads of big stuff back there, ‘split up’ in public a la the last show on David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust run, went away, killed their identity, killed their persona, and came back with a record so different…I had this record for a while, and I was like, I love this. I love that it sounds like My Chemical Romance. I love that it sounds like Brit pop. The creativity literally knows no bounds.”

Check out the latest episode below:

If you want the fully unhinged, uncensored version of these metal rants on your commute (as though you’re going anywhere in 2020), definitely tune into the podcast version of Last Words to get your shit rocked in full, delicious audio:


Words by Chris Krovatin