Metalhead Wakes Up From Coma to Discover His Favorite Band’s Bassist Is His Respiratory Therapist

We’ve all imagined what it would be like to wake up from a coma. The fantasy usually involves having grown a beard, and finding out the world is all futuristic, and maybe uttering something like, “You, boy — what year is it?” Rarely, though, does it involve a member of our favorite metal band leaning over us, offering to help us breathe. But such was the case with one Kansas metalhead, who discovered that the bassist of his favorite band was his respiratory therapist when he woke up from a coma.

As reported by Metal Injection, a Redditor posted about a man waking up from a coma and having a respiratory therapist come in to remove his breathing tube. Being a true fan, of course, he immediately recognized the guy as none other than Terry Taylor, bassist for Lawrence, Kansas death-thrash act Hammerlord.

“I woke up from a three-day coma,” write the poster. “A guy came in, woke me up, and said, ‘Mason, my name is Terry and I’m here to take out your breathing tube.’ I opened my eyes wider and my first words were, ‘Terry Taylor from Hammerlord!'”

“I remember him asking if I had any Hammerlord stuff and I told him that I had [the album] Wolves at War’s End,” continued Mason. “I got a package a few days later with a bunch of Hammerlord stuff. The rest of the band came and visited me on the fourth floor where I was staying.”

Goddamn, that warms your heart. Let this stand as proof that though we listen to music that sounds like Satan having sex with a wood chipper, metalheads are some of the most supportive and respectful people around — and we have a solid pressence in the medical field.

Meanwhile, Mason isn’t wrong in his fandom, as Hammerlord fucking rule. Check out the video for their track “Extensive Enterprises” below:


Words by Chris Krovatin