Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Drops New Solo Album, ‘The Astral Hand’

Photo by Antje Naumann, via Wikipedia.
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Rap metal icons Limp Bizkit are known for their music’s simple, go-for-gusto approach of loud rhymes over loud, straightforward riffs. But behind the scenes, guitarist and giant-size voodoo doll Wes Borland is actually a very weird, groovy solo artist. Case in point, Wes has now dropped a new album titled The Astral Hand, which you can hear below, and man, it is not what most Limp Bizkit fans might expect.

Usually when one thinks of a guitarist going solo, they imagine a lot of Dream Theater worship and songs with extended open sections that allow the axeman at the helm to just noodle away like a crazy person. This is not the case with The Astral Hand — if anything, Borland seems intent on not only setting himself apart from his work in Limp Bizkit, but from metal and guitar worship in general. The music here shows off influences from genres and artists that come out of left field, from The Human League to Ennio Morricone; the later’s influence is part of a running theme of movie soundtracks, which makes sense given that Wes’ previous solo release Crystal Machete was cinematically-oriented. Meanwhile, the studio drumming by Hayden Scott (ex-AWOLNATION/Ghost) on the album lean more in a doom-ish direction, leaving plenty of room between the beats for the many textures Wes is packing in here to unfold.

“The Astral Hand is my 17th record,” said Wes on via his Instagram. “That’s insane to think about, right? But let’s do this. Go listen to it! It’s release day! ”

Listen to a stream of Wes Borland’s The Astral Hand below:

Wes Borland’s The Astral Hand is out now on Flying Head Music, and available via all major streaming services. Meanwhile if you want to go for a deep dive into Wes’ solo career, you can check out his first album Crystal Machete below:


Words by Chris Krovatin