Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Says This Song Defined 2020 For Him

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We like to think of metal subgenres as inherently at odds with one another. For instance, some people might imagine that the high-flying acrobatics of Judas Priest are at odds with the muscular, hard-hitting tunes of Five Finger Death Punch. But according to a new interview, Priest vocalist Rob Halford says that the track which defined 2020 for him was none other than “A Little Bit Off” by Five Finger Death Punch.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Halford summed up his year in various ways. When asked what song defined this bizarre, off-putting year for him, the Metal God replied, “Five Finger Death Punch nailed it with ‘A Little Bit Off,’ especially with their video showing a ghost town Vegas, which the world usually sees as being a 24/7 action zone.”

Some of Halford’s other answers may surprise metalheads. When asked about which celebrity he’d most like to quarantine with, Halford answered, “Cher, for many reasons. But as a fellow singer who’s had a remarkable life, is a powerful woman, philanthropist and activist — she can talk my head off anytime.”

At the same time, Rob reveals that though he is the type of dude whose job involves riding a motorcycle onstage, he was also just like most of us during the pandemic. When asked about a hobby he’s developed during quarantine, the vocalist answered, “Bird feeders. Huh? It crossed my mind one day that unlike the U.K., where birds rule, we don’t see many flapping around here in Phoenix, particularly in the summer hell heat. So I got two bird feeders [and] put them in a tree by my living room window and was dumbfounded by the sudden sheer volume and gluttony of my local feathered friends.”

Here’s hoping Rob’s 2021 is full of cardinals at his feeder, and maybe a visit from Cher.


Words by Chris Krovatin