Have KISS Booked a Show In Antarctica?

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Antarctica: bane of Shackleton and touring bands alike. Whenever a massive band talks about all the places they’ve been, they can usually only list six continents, as trying to play a show among penguins, polar bears, and British sailors’ skeletons at negative seventy degrees seems like a waste of money. But throwing a ton of money at a big, entertaining gesture is what KISS do best, which is why the rumors that the band have scheduled a show in Antarctica are pretty believable.

Speaking to Southern California’s 95.5 KLOS, frontman Gene Simmons revealed the extent of the band’s upcoming End Of The Road tour, to kick off when a COVID-19 vaccine is readily available. In it, he hinted that one of the places the band is playing will be extremely cold — and will require political permissions.

“We’ve already booked Europe outdoors — most of the shows have already sold out,” said Simmons. “We start in summer. The vaccines are gonna be out there for everybody, oh, by January, February, March at the latest, but we’re gonna be out there a few months after that. And we’ve literally got 150 cities booked.

“…some of the later [concerts] are gonna be jaw-dropping,” he continued, adding, “There’s one place that’s the coldest place on Earth, and if you can imagine us playing there with even larger pyro than you’ve ever seen, ’cause there’s nothing around there.”

Simmons also noted that “political people” gave the band permission to do this. “I said, ‘No. We can really do that?’ They said, ‘Yup. Yup.’ … And so there’s gonna be stuff that’s just gonna make you go, ‘That’s the coolest’.”

Now, while there is no solid proof of this, one can’t help but wonder if Simmons is implying that KISS will play some sort of military base in the Antarctica — hence both the cold and the political permissions required.

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Words by Chris Krovatin