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Even with all of live music shut down for the foreseeable future, FEVER 333 continue to work towards getting fans what they want. The band recently went on a livestreaming ‘tour’ to promote their new EP WRONG GENERATION; now, they’re hosting a virtual ‘townhall’ event which will include a livestream of one of their performances as well as interactive aspects with the band.

The ‘WRONG GENERATION TOWNHALL’ event will see FEVER 333 broadcasting a full performance from their recent global livestream tour, WORLDWIDE D333MONSTRATIONS FOR THE WRONG GENERATION. Not only that, but fans will also get a behind the scenes experience and will be able to interact with the bande and ask questions in real time during the broadcast.

Tickets for “WRONG GENERATION TOWNHALL” are available for purchase.

The even comes on the heels of FEVER 333’s WRONG GENERATION EP, a collection of pointedly-political songs that specifically confronted the wrongful deaths of unarmed African Americans like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of the police. “BITE BACK,” one of the record’s singles, is a call to protest from Butler, who protested for weeks after George Floyd’s death and witnessed first-hand the chaos that unfolded as Black Lives Matter protesters collided with the police.

“Everything in this song was what I’d seen during those 13 days and what I felt needed to happen,” says Butler of “BITE BACK.” “I saw buildings burn. I saw fights. I saw white allies stepping in front of the National Guard, because they knew they had a power those black bodies behind them did not. What did you expect? When you put any creature in a corner for so long and show them how quickly life can be taken from them, I don’t know what other option there is but fighting back.”

Listen to “BITE BACK” below:


Words by Chris Krovatin