David Hasselhoff: “I’m A Major Fan of Metallica and Iron Maiden”

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Last week, the world rejoiced when famed actor and musical sensation David Hasselhoff revealed his new metal song, “Through The Night.” For millions of fans (maybe), hearing the Hoff perform power metal vocals was a lifelong dream come true (we think). Now, the Hoffster has discussed his performance in an interview, and made it clear that he’s a huge fan of metal and hard rock.

“I’m a major fan of Metallica,” Hasselhoff told Consequence of Sound in a new interview. “I’m a fan of Iron Maiden, and I followed Iron Maiden at a concert called Nova Rock [in 2014]. You can look it up. And I said, “I’m following Iron Maiden? My stuff is, like, cheesy pop!” It was about 130,000 people. And I thought 100,000 would leave and we’d have still have 30,000. Nobody left. Everybody came to watch me. It was amazing. And even Iron Maiden hung out to watch my set.”

David also noted that he had to rework the lyrics of “Through the Night” to make sure they had a resounding message for both him and his audience.

“I ended up working with Bernth [Brodträger of CueStack] on the lyrics, and saying, ‘These lyrics mean nothing to me.’ I needed to say something, like [Rogers & Hammerstein’s] ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, one of the greatest songs: ‘Walk on through the wind/ Walk on through the rain/ Though your dreams be tossed and blown/ Walk on, walk on.’ And that’s kind of what I’ve lived by a long time. The first book that I read was — and he became a fan and a friend — Yes I Can by Sammy Davis Jr. And that really affected me. So I kind of took that motto and that mantra into my life. And I’ve been made fun of, and pretty much, David Hasselhoff going into heavy metal, it’s easy to write something negative.

“But all I did was a song for a friend that I loved, and I think it turned out great,” continued David. “I’m happy with the song and we’ll see what happens. If we sell 10 copies, we sell 10 copies. If we sell 10,000 or 100,000, we sell them. But I know that I’ll probably end up doing ‘Though the Night’ in concert, and people will respond probably in a positive way.”

Check out “Through The Night” below:


Words by Chris Krovatin