Attack Attack! Release Their First New Song In Eight Years

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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In October, a section of the Book of Revelations came true when it was announced that Christian metalcore squatters Attack Attack! were plotting their comeback. The band, famous for their scene-defining “Stick Stickly” video, had finally decided to return to the fold, seemingly ushering in a new wave of American crabcore (The Pit retains all rights to the acronym ‘NWOACc’). Now, the rumors have proved true, as Attack Attack! have dropped their first new song in eight years, titled “All My Life.”

Every artist wants to be somebody at the end of the day, and in the case of Attack Attack!’s “All My Life,” that somebody is Linkin Park. The band bring a heaping dose of shimmer and breathy clean verse vocals to this track, with singer Chris Parketny doing his best Chester on the chorus. The video through which the song is premiered even has Linkin-esque animation telling an anime storyline about overconfident guys in suits using young people in hoodies to, uh…play an Oculus Rift game? It isn’t clear, other than that there’s a guy in charge who promotes conformity and a teen male model who eventually becomes some kind of Blade Runner. Of course, being Attack Attack!, it wouldn’t be a song without a deathcore breakdown, which the band provide about a minute and a half in.

Listen to “All My Life” below:

Whether or not Attack Attack! will release an album behind “All My Life” remains to be seen. We’ll let you know more as we do.


Words by Chris Krovatin