Amigo The Devil Pours His Drunken, Rotten Heart Out In Video For “Another Man’s Grave”

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Last month, murder-folk artist Amigo The Devil announced that he would be releasing a new album next year. Now, Amigo (Danny Kiranos to his mom) has dropped a video for the first single from the record, titled “Another Man’s Grave,” which can be streamed below.

Most of Amigo’s music goes the old murder-ballad route of focusing on death, lost love, and death committed over the rage of losing love. But with “Another Man’s Grave,” Kiranos turns the mirror on himself, and details a long, late night coming home from the bar and wondering what the fuck is wrong with him. Themes of suicide, addiction, and total despair run throughout, making this a cathartic wallow for anyone who has at some point hated themselves.

According to Kiranos, “This is very much a coming to terms song, It’s the realization that the habits and routine we’ve been living, the behaviors, and outlook displayed aren’t true to the person that we know exists somewhere within. It’s about the purgatory-like time between accepting this and the moment we truly decide to do something about it….It’s about the fear and self-doubt that keep us believing we aren’t strong enough to be the person we genuinely know we are whether it’s because of social pressure, trauma, addiction or any combination of circumstances that keep us stuck in a grave we know we don’t belong in.”

Of the video, Amigo days, “I’ve always been a fan of hearing songs stripped down to their core. Since the live show is always just myself and a few instruments, it’s always fun to deliver both versions of the song. The album version is always the one that’s in my head…the one I hear when I write it. The live version tends to be the one that’s in my blood, clawing to get out. It’s a two headed dog… each version with a mind of its own while feeding the same body.”

Amigo The Devil’s new album Born Against is due out next year, and is available for preorder. Check out the full tracklisting and cover art below:

  1. Small Stone
  2. Quiet As A Rat
  3. Murder At The Bingo Hall
  4. Drop For Every Hour
  5. Better Ways To Fry A Fish
  6. Different Anymore
  7. Another Man’s Grave
  8. 24k Casket
  9. Shadow
  10. Letter From Death Row


Words by Chris Krovatin