Without Mercy’s New Album Is A Whirlwind of Sonic Punishment

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For Without Mercy, genre appears to be less important than sheer heaviness. To try to cram this Canadian quartet’s sound into one niche like ‘death metal’ or ‘shred’ would simply leave too many blastbeats, face-peeling riffs, complex solos and demonic gang vocals out of the equation. Instead, the band play music that sounds ready for anything — technical but enthralling, traditional at certain moments and totally non-Euclidean at others. The result is a lot of fun no matter how you slice it (if getting the crap kicked out of your brain if your idea of fun).

That Without Mercy called their new album Seismic might come off as hubristic to certain fans, but the four-piece back it up. This record actually sounds like huge portions of metal’s terrain crashing against each other in cataclysmic shifts. “Abysmal” brings the slam stomp but lines it with prog flourishes and a jazzy solo; “Disinfect the Soul” has groove metal in its heart but Exhumed-esque gore splattered across it; “I Break The Chain” includes aspects of djent and even some touches of nu-metal in its bounce, but also has the far-reaching scope of acts like Gojira or Horrendous (not to mention the fact that Jeff Loomis and Chris Broderick make appearances on the record). It’s hard not to find something to love on this diverse, if absolutely punishing, collection of songs.

We are beyond stoked to have our new album Seismic see the light of day,” says the band. “We couldn’t be more proud to have it out on Bloodblast distribution and powered by Nuclear Blast. These guys really got our album and understood what we were aiming for in style and composition. They get it. They really get it.”

Listen to our exclusive advance stream of Without Mercy’s Seismic below:

Without Mercy’s Seismic comes out November 20th, and is available for pre-save and for physical preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin

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