Watch A Metal Remix of Trump ‘Faith Advisor’ Paula White’s Re-Election Rant

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Earlier this month, Trump ‘faith advisor’ and megachurch pastor Paula White-Cain went on an especially spirited rant at her prayer service, in which she said that Jesus was going to aid trump, and that angels were coming from Africa and South American to help the POTUS win re-election against Joe Biden (no joke). Now, guitarist Andre Antunes has decided to set this insane religious fit to metal riffs — and the result is pretty great.

As you’ll see below, the video opens with Antunes listening to White-Cain’s speech calling for African angels to smite anti-Trumpers (or whatever the fuck she’s talking about). White-Cain is also heard ‘speaking in tongues,’ which is a religious term for when you can’t come up with anything important or relevant to say, and just yell what Spanish sounds like to you. The more Paula speaks, the more Antunes seems to realize that her rhetoric sounds a lot like metal lyrics, and decides to set her speech to thick, groovy riffs.

Watch Trump’s spiritual counsel go full Dethklok below:

For those of you who are crying party bias, Antunes also made a video in which he couples the insane ‘BBQ Beer Freedom’ rant from shortly after the election with a screaming, unhinged liberal woman talking into her phone. So don’t worry — he’s not focusing on specific political stances, he’s just showing off how utterly fucking batshit people are when talking about politics in front of a camera.

So for those of you who want to run in front of a news camera, or scream into your phone under your blankets, or run a massive evangelical megachurch (you know, whatever you’re into), be warned: someone might take that video and make a hilarious metal remix of it. And then, you’ll either get a record deal, or get laughed out of Chilis. Depends on where you live.


Words by Chris Krovatin