War Orphan (ex-Sick Of It All, Reach) Pull No Punches On New Single “Fuck The NRA”

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You gotta love a band like War Oprhan. While so many other acts are trying to push the boundaries of hardcore, these three dudes — whose combined musical pedigree includes Sick Of It All, Reach, Barfbag, and Ouijipig — are feeding directly into everything you love about the genre. With thick, speedy riffs and bellowed lyrics telling assholes to fuck off, this band proves that you can pay homage to your favorite acts and still make music as entertaining as theirs.

Case in point, War Orphan’s new single, “Fuck The NRA.” The track opens exactly how you want it to — “Fuck the NRA, one two three four!” — and then gleefully stomps its way through a song calling out the NRA for being money-hungry death-worshippers. The lyrics aren’t fathomless, the drums don’t blast, but one can’t help but find themselves nodding along to the track and wondering if they should go drink beer somewhere abandoned.

“We love The Exploited and all English punk,” says guitarist Richie Cipriano of the track. “We figured this would be a good time to pay tribute and give it a little twist.”

“We recorded this one the way we do everything,” adds drummer Dante Renzi. “Richie comes up to record at Mansion Studios in Yonkers. We rest a laptop on top of a Marshall speaker cabinet while my dog Norton assistant engineers everything. We play the song a few times, then we get handmade ravioli from Arthur Avenue and call it a night.”

Flick a booger at the system and listen to War Orphan’s “Fuck The NRA” below:

War Orphan · Fuck The NRA
Keep your eyes out for more new material from War Orphan in the near future. For now, check out their EP from earlier this year, Closer to Life Than Death, below:


Words by Chris Krovatin

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