VHS’s New Album Is A Rollicking Intergalactic Slaughterfest

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If you’re a fan of  VHS, you know that horror movies and death metal are about the only things they take seriously. The Thunder Bay, Ontario crew have their tongues planted firmly in their collective cheek, even as they’re writing ripping, madcap ragers about how that cheek is being bitten off by a radioactive werewolf. Now, the band who brought you the gore metal cover of the Full House theme song have decided to go cosmic on their newest album Gore From Beyond The Stars, a slime-slick journey into outer space that you can stream exclusively below.

As you’ll hear in our stream, Gore From Beyond The Stars continues VHS’s time-honored traditions of gnarly croaks and howls, poison-tipped riffs with rusted edges, and of course the most hilarious horror samples around. Songs like “Nostromo” and “The Living Dead In Space” pay homage to their cinematic inspirations (Alien and Planet of the Vampires, for the record) with foul gusto. But the band also give the everyday horror fan a nod by penning filthy death metal party anthems about spacebound films that one might have forgotten, like The Incredible Melting Man or even Jason X (gotta love a band who writes a metal track about Jason X),

“Written and recorded during quarantine, Gore From Beyond the Stars shows VHS continuing with their trademark raunchy punk infused death metal sound while introducing just a bit more groove,” say the band. “Armed with an improved production and a general disregard for fitting into any specific subgenre, the album reaches new depths both in terms of grossness and musicality. From the short and fierce ‘From Crystal Lake to Space’ to the 4-minute instrumental ‘Space Jam,’ this is a diverse album that shows a band giving the middle finger to the trends of the current scene and writing music for themselves first and foremost.”

Listen to our exclusive stream of VHS’s Gore From Beyond The Stars below:

VHS’s Gore From Beyond The Stars comes out Friday, November 27th, and is available for preorder.


Words by Chris Krovatin