Tonight: Buy Some Cool Original Art from Denver’s Trve Brewing!

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If you’re a metal fan who’s ever traveled to Denver, Colorado, chances are you’ve ended up in Trve Brewing. That’s because the South Broadway taproom is the city’s best place to drink incredible metal-themed craft brews while listening to some of the world’s darkest, most extreme music. Once a year, Trve also hosts an original art show called ‘Nvmber of the Beast,’ in which fans can buy original pieces from local artists. Due to COVID-19, the brewery obviously couldn’t host this event traditionally — so instead, they’ve brought it online, and are giving everyone a chance to take part!

“We promised you a Nvmber of the Beast show,” wrote Trve Brewing via their Instagram, “and we’re gonna deliver. Digitally.

“This year’s 666 show will take place online this Friday, November 6th at 7:06pm. Six Hundred and Sixty Six individual and unique wood blocks created by 8 badass, local artists will be available for online purchase and in person pick up ONLY. No shipping. $20 per piece (plus tax and processing fees).

“If you’ve ever participated in a mad dash online sale, you know that sometimes shit doesn’t work out in your favor. There will only be one of each piece so if you snag it, sick. If you don’t, better luck next year. This show (especially this year) is about supporting artist, their creativity, and hard work. So no fucking whining if you miss out.

“Here’s the down and dirty. Please read it:

  • 666 Wood Blocks from 8 Artists will be available for purchase online Friday, November 6th at 7:06 pm via the link in our profile.
  • We recommend using a desktop or laptop for purchase. It’s just a better, more fail safe way to purchase.
  • Purchases are pick up ONLY at the Taproom starting Monday, November 9th at 3pm.
  • No refunds.
  • Link goes live at 7:06pm THIS Friday 11/6.”

The artists included in this year’s show are:

So if you’re in the Denver area, or know someone there who can ship you something, set a reminder and buy some rad art tonight!


Words by Chris Krovatin

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