The Black Dahlia Murder Announce ‘Yule ‘Em All’ Holiday Variety Livestream

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Christmas is almost upon us, a time of warm fires, dark beers, and praying to Krampus that you finally get that Marshall amp mini-fridge. But now, metal fans can add ‘guts-fucking macabre death metal’ to their list of holiday traditions, as Michigan melodeath kings The Black Dahlia Murder have announced a new livestreamed variety event just in time for the holidays.

This December, the Black Dahlia Murder and the dudes at Night Shift Merch will host Yule ‘Em All, a ‘holiday variety extravaganza.’ According to the official release, the show will be “a holiday style variety special featuring performances by The Black Dahlia Murder playing the classics as well as songs off the new album Verminous, variety segments, special guests & more.”

“We in The Black Dahlia Murder have been hard at work assembling what will surely be the most major holiday event since Tickle Me Elmo dropped,” says frontman Trevor Strnad. “Live music from albums new and old, skits, cartoons, Ham Sanitizer…it’s all here and waiting for your eager bloodshot eyeballs to blissfully consume! Clear your calendars for Dec 18!!! You won’t want to miss it!”

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Plenty of bands have done livestreams this year, but we have to admit, we’re especially excited for this one. The Black Dahlia’s 2020 album Verminous has seen heavy rotation on The Pit’s collective earbuds since it dropped earlier this year. But more than anything, it’s the ‘variety’ aspect of the whole thing that gets us. Who will the special guests be? Will there be sketches? Is the Statutory Ape going to irrumate Santa while Krampus and the Grinch watch and jerk each other off? One can only hope, and knowing that sick bastard Brian Eschbach, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Yule ‘Em All goes down Friday, December 18th, at 7:00pm EST. Tickets for the event, as well as Black Dahlia holiday merch bundles, are available for purchase.


Words by Chris Krovatin