Papa Roach Tease New Material Via In-Studio Video

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Like many bands, nu-metal outliers Papa Roach got pretty screwed by the coronavirus, having to cancel big tours and lose precious writing/recording hours by having to quarantine themselves. Now, the band have posted a teaser video from the studio, claiming they’ve all been tested for the virus and are hard at work recording a new album that fans might see in the near future.

As you’ll see in the video below, Papa Roach’s creative process involves three things: constant practicing, magenta lighting, and big, big couches. The teaser shows guitarist Jerry Horton working out some ideas for riffs while frontman Jacoby Shaddix wails his face off into a microphone. Overall, it’s a solid taste of new material for Papa Roach fans — even if it’s just a little scrap for now.

“It’s 2020 and like all bands, we had to cancel massive tours, so we’re taking this opportunity to get in the studio and write new music together,” wrote the band in the caption for the video. “We all got tested and quarantined ourselves in ‘the bubble’ to write our next album.”

Check out Papa Roach’s teaser trailer below:

And keep your eyes peeled for a news about a brand new Papa Roach album in the near future!


Words by Chris Krovatin