Machine Head Drop New Single and Video, “My Hands Are Empty”

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Earlier this month, Bay Area groove metallers Machine Head began teasing a new single, titled “My Hands Are Empty.” Now, the song has been released via a new music video, which you can watch below.

As you’ll see in the video, “My Hands Are Empty” goes hard in its emotional themes of hopelessness, addiction, and self-doubt. Machine Head exist in a grey, barren landscape that might be their own personal Hell, bedraggled with dead trees, murky seas, and decaying buildings. Frontman Robb Flynn seems to be both the victim of his misfortunes and their ringleader, alternating between being yanked around like a puppet and rocking a Baron Samedi-style hat and cane. The imagery here is powerful, but dense, so fans should be ready to watch this one a couple of times to digest all the bits and pieces.

Watch “My Hands Are Empty” below:

And check out the badass art for the single:

“My Hands Are Empty” feels like a gift to Machine Head fans, who have had a crappy year (who hasn’t) due to the coronavirus. In August, Flynn was forced to announce that all of the band’s future shows would be indefinitely postponed until normalcy resumes.

“It is with great disappointment and frustration that we must inform everyone of the (not so shocking news) that the due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, rescheduled tour dates for 2020 of both Europe and Australia have been cancelled,” said frontman Robb Flynn in a statement on the band’s website.

“These dates will not be rescheduled a third time, and all Machine Head tour dates have been pushed back indefinitely.

“Venues unable to open or currently operate at capacity, along with travel restrictions, and potential quarantines has forced this decision onto us. At the moment, zero venues on the tour have been allowed to reopen, and are not expected to for the foreseeable future. As the Coronavirus continues to ravage the world, 17 of the 19 countries for the EU tour have banned US citizens, and vice-versa.

“As you will know the majority of these dates have been rescheduled once already from the original onset of the pandemic, but without any sign of a likely time when these shows can be playable or a miraculous vaccine appearing, we are making the responsible decision to cancel all our forthcoming shows.

“Full refunds will be available from point of purchase.”


Words by Chris Krovatin