Listen to AC/DC’s New Single “Realize”

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This Friday sees AC/DC dropping Power Up, their first new album since 2014’s Rock or Bust. Fans heard the first single “Shot In The Dark” a few weeks ago; now, the band is giving them another taste of the new record in the form of another song, “Realize.”

As you’ll hear below, the track isn’t exactly a huge departure from AC/DC’s sound, though with this band that’s a good thing. It’s definitely a little faster and more electric than the bluesiness of “Shot In The Dark,” but it still sounds like the kind of track one listens to while either drinking hard or driving fast. Overall, it’s a reminder that AC/DC could play anything and it’d be rad, but they took the time to write some quality songs, and for that, we thank them.

Check out “Realize” below:

AC/DC’s new album Power Up comes out Friday, November 13th.

According to a new interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5, Brian Johnson things that it’s amazing we’re getting a new AC/DC album at all — but that once the band were in the room together again, it was obvious that this one was going to be good.

“It’s something probably nobody thought would happen,” said Johnson. “It was about 2018, and Angus was contacted by the record company, who said, ‘Do you fancy doing an album?’ And Angus said, ‘Well, let’s ask the boys.’ So he asked me and Cliff and Phil. And Stevie was there, obviously. And I think we all said ‘yes’ immediately; we just said, ‘This would be great.’ And, of course, we went off to Vancouver in about August. As soon as we walked in, there was this electricity, this bond that had been built up over 38 years since I joined. And, of course, when the boys plugged in, or powered up, if you’ll excuse the pun, and they started playing, that was it. It was a great time.”


Words by Chris Krovatin