Killswitch Engage’s Adam D. Had A Vomit-Colored Toy Made of Him for Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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We know that Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D. likes an occasional tipple here and there (read: he once drank 40 forties while making a career-defining album with his band). Now, a Japanese toy company has decided to honor Adam’s pastime, legacy, and general attitude towards the world by creating a vomit-covered figurine of him.

The ‘Adam D. Halloween Vomit 2020’ figure is sold by Devils Head Productions, and is made of plastic blended to look as though Adam puked in the mold. Most importantly, it’s glow-in-the-dark, so if you’re afraid of closet shadows at night, you can clutch this glowing doll to your cheek and know that somewhere, Adam is nursing a Keystone in order to calm his blistering hangover.

“The one and only ‘drunk animal – beer monster’ AdamD hero toy is FINALLY here!” reads the description of the toy. “Unfortunately for him it looks like he mixed a bit too much candy and beer in preparation for his big day. Cast in green GID (glow in the dark) with gold glitter marbled with bubblegum pink vinyl these are definitely sickly sweet. LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER. ANY ORDERS FOR MORE THAN 1 WILL BE CANCELED. $30 each…made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.”

That the toy isn’t intended for kids under 14 is somehow the worst part.

Check out shots of Adam’s figure below:

The Adam D. Halloween Vomit figure can be bought for $30 via Devils Head Productions.

Adam outlined his heroic drinking efforts when speaking to The Pit about the 15th anniversary of As Daylight Dies. The boozing that went into that album was apparently epic.

“Joel [Stroetzel] and I decided [that] during the recording of that record, we wanted to drink 40 forty-ounce beers,” said Adam with a smile. “And we achieved it! I think we actually hit 56…It was quite impressive. And I distinctly remember kicking Joel out of the studio today because he was too drunk to play. It was a really, really funny thing. By the end of the recording process–we didn’t throw away the bottles, and by the end of the process, the entire control room was just littered with just shitty forty-ounce beer bottles everywhere.

“Yeah, we’re piles of trash, and we’re proud of it!” added Adam with a laugh.


Words by Chris Krovatin