Killer Be Killed (Soulfly, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan) Release New Single “Inner Calm From Outer Storms”

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The new album by Killer Be Killed — the extreme metal supergroup featuring Soulfly’s Max Cavalera, Mastodon’s Tory Sanders, Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato, and Converge’s Ben Koller — is set to drop next week, with crushing single “Dream Gone Bad” already searing eardrums around the world. Now, the band have dropped a music video for their brand new single “Inner Calm From Outer Storms.”

As you’ll hear below, the new Killer Be Killed single doesn’t start off too hard on the attack. The riffs and vocals early on have a ton of yearning and emotion to them, evoking some of grunge’s power as Troy Sanders provides his patented moaning vocals. However, halfway through, a mid-paced thrash riff kicks in, with Max and Greg adding their own brutal screams and transforming the track into a total melee. It’s indicative of Killer Be Killed’s unique strength — the ability to be spacey and encompassing one moment and absolutely devastating the next. The video itself is mainly performance footage, though it’s stylized to embody the band’s brute strength.

“‘Inner Calm From Outer Storms’ is about having the ability to sense a distant or unseen target,” says Sanders in a statement. “It explores a journey of reckless abandon where the destination may, or may not, actually exist.” Greg Puciato also claims that the lyrics are about “the idea of being open to the freedom of having chaos be a state of existence.”

Check out “Inner Calm From Outer Storms” below:

Killer Be Killed’s new album Reluctant Hero comes out November 20th via Nuclear Blast, and is available for preorder. Produced by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Gojira), the album is the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s self-titled debut, and was first announced via the single “Deconstructing Self-Destruction.”

“This has been a long time coming. It feels great to be getting this out,” said Puciato. “Also can I say that Troy’s verse vocals are fucking insane? What an entrance. Go for a drive and roll the windows down and crank this thing up.”

Check out a full tracklisting and cover art below:

  1. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
  2. Dream Gone Bad
  3. Left Of Center
  4. Inner Calm From Outer Storms
  5. Filthy Vagabond
  6. From A Crowded Wound
  7. The Great Purge
  8. Comfort From Nothing
  9. Animus
  10. Dead Limbs
  11. Reluctant Hero


Words by Chris Krovatin