German Thrashers Kreator Release Their Own Coffee

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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It appears that hot beverages have become the newest merch trend among extreme metal bands. First, Lamb of God announced their own coffee blend. Then, Cradle of Filth revealed they were coming out with teas. Now, it’s German thrashers Kreator who are getting in on the act, having announced that the release of their own blend of coffee.

Kreator’s coffee (Koffee?) is called ‘Black Sunrise,’ and was created in collaboration with Berlin coffee roasted The Barn. Bags of this chocolatey roast can be ordered from The Barn’s website.

According to roasters, “The Cerrado Mineiro region, located in northwest of Minas Gerais State, is a world-recognized, high-quality coffee producing origin and became the first Protected Geographical Indication in Brazil in 2005. A strong characteristic of this region is its well-defined seasons—a hot, wet summer followed by a pleasantly dry winter. Santa Cecilia produced a beautiful yellow catuai lot this season with notes of dried figs, milk chocolate, bourbon and black tea. The cup is sweet with a velvety mouthfeel.”

“No late nights without great coffee!” say The Barn in their description of the roast. “This wonderful Brazilian coffee was created for the beautiful people of Kreator and all their fans. The roast profile can be used both on filter and espresso methods. Enjoy!

“We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the finest coffee roasters in Germany, The Barn,” say the band. “If you’ve visited one of their spots in Berlin, you will understand why we chose them to represent Kreator — high quality and big flavors.

“Brazil is one of our favorite places in the world and we wanted to pay tribute to that with this deliciously smooth and chocolatey offering. Awaken to ‘Black Sunrise’!”

Whether or not ‘Black Sunrise’ will land on one’s tongue as sweetly as “Black Sunshine” the song lands on one’s ear remains to be seen.


Words by Chris Krovatin