FRIDAY: Watch Our Interview with Pantera’s Rex Brown on 20 Years of ‘Reinventing The Steel’

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When Pantera released Reinventing The Steel in 2000, they had no idea how the album would cement their legacy. A perfect mixture of the band’s steely heavy metal off of albums like Cowboys From Hell and their later, more extreme material on releases like The Great Southern TrendkillReinventing The Steel would become a definitive monument to the band’s unique sound. That the record was eventually their last made it an especially poignant milestone for Pantera; that it seemed to unknowingly understand this fact with tracks like “Hellbound,” “Death Rattle,” and “I’ll Cast A Shadow” adds a level of superstitious power to the band’s closing chapter.

To honor 20 years of this awesome album, and to celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary vinyl edition of Reinventing The Steel last month, The Pit staff writer Chris Krovatin sat down with none other than Pantera bassist Rex Brown to talk about the album’s process, how it affected the band, and how it feels to look back on this album two decades later. Rex chatted with us from the middle of a snowstorm at his home in New Mexico to discuss the mental headspace Pantera were in during the songwriting process and what it was like working alongside Dimebag Darrell without knowing this would be their last record together.

To hear Rex discuss Reinventing The Steel‘s timeless legacy, tune in to either our Facebook or YouTube page on this Friday, November 13th, at 5pm EST, 2pm PST, or 10pm GMT to watch the premiere of this exclusive interview.

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The Reinventing The Steel 20th Anniversary vinyl edition is a double-LP set on silver vinyl that features the new Terry Date mix on one album, plus eight rare bonus tracks making their vinyl debut on the other. The set will be released on 180-gram audiophile vinyl collection and comes in an embossed, foil jacket — but only 5,000 of them will be released, so make sure to preorder yours now from Rhino!