At The Gates Are Back In The Studio, Will Release A New Album Next Year

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Among the many melodic death metal acts to emerge from Sweden, few if any had the impact of At The Gates. With their blistering 1995 record Slaughter of the Soul, the five-piece managed to lock down the delicious-yet-deadly metallic flavor later referred to as the ‘Gothenburg sound.’ Not only that, but ATG also have one of the more impressive comebacks of our time, with 2014’s At War With Reality and 2018’s To Drink from the Night Itself solidly thrusting the band back into the spotlight. Now, it appears as though At The Gates’ legacy will continue, as the band have revealed that they’re in the studio recording a new album they plan to release next year.

At The Gates posted the following photo of drummer Adrian Erlandsson setting up his kit at Stockholm’s Studio Gröndahl, including with it the caption, “Studio update day 1: Setting up the drums in Sthlm 🔥🤘@studiogrondahl #atthegates #tnob  #newalbum2021″


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Studio update day 1: Setting up the drums in Sthlm 🔥🤘@studiogrondahl #atthegates #tnob #newalbum2021

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Whether or not At The Gates new album will get released next year or will get rescheduled as so many others have remains to be seen. That said, hell YES, new At The Gates!

In many ways, At The Gates’ return has helped save melodic death metal, a genre which, as The Pit’s own Chris Krovatin pointed out, had fallen hard out of favor among fans who saw it as direct opposition to old-school or brutal death metal. “Melodic death metal became the genre to beat in the early 2000s, as American metalcore bands adopted the sound and a new wave of Swedish acts like In Flames, Soilwork, and Darkane took the genre to new heights of catchiness and experimentation. Except pretty soon, melodeath was just too…mellow. The genre had become pretty and typical, a far cry from the vicious speed and fury of Entombed and Dismember.”