Apparently Michael Bublé Is A Huge Deftones Fan

Factor Metal, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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If you’ve ever been in a mall around Christmas, chances are you’ve heard Michael Bublé crooning in your ear. The Canadian singer is loved for his smooth, Sinatra-style music, especially around the holidays when everyone apparently needs to hear another version of “Here Comes Santa Claus.” But while Bublé’s tunes may be placed in the Adult Contemporary section, his personal tastes fall distinctly in Hard Rock, as the singer is apparently a huge fan of the Deftones , especially their new record Ohms.

As reported by Metal Injection, Bublé recently posted a picture of himself rocking some Deftones merch on his Instagram stories, writing, “Thank you @deftones for the swag! I’m absolutely loving your new record Ohms!”

Photo via Metal Injection

This is not the first time Bublé has openly supported the Sacramento alt-metal band. He also complimented the band on 2016’s Gore:

So just know, if you hear Bublé crooning about sleigh bells later this year, he got ready for that recording by blasting “7 Words.”

Michael is in for a treat soon — Deftones only recently announced Black Stallion, a remix album featuring tracks from their 2000 album White Pony.

“We’re gonna be releasing later in the year a reissue of the record and we’re going to do sort of a split side of the record, a remixed version of it titled Black Stallion,” said Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno in a Zoom press conference back in June. “So we have a bunch of different people on it, some that actually inspired some of the writing of the record itself, the original album. So it’s kind of come full circle.”

Apparently, the idea for a remix album came about before White Pony was even recorded, though it’s taken this long to finally bring the project together. As of yet, the band hasn’t revealed the release date for either the White Pony reissue or Black Stallion, or for that matter who’s featured on the remix album, though the video evidence seems to suggest all of that should be coming soon. While we wait for those details to surface, Deftones have also just posted a quiz about the band on their website. Test your knowledge and see how much of a Deftones expert you truly are here.


Words by Chris Krovatin