Watch Jeff Loomis and Lost Symphony’s Kelly Kereliuk Engage In A Guitar Solo Stand-Off

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For classical-metal collective Lost Symphony, virtuosity isn’t just a way to show off — it’s a way of life. On their new album Chapter II — which features guest stars including Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy/Nevermore) and Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) — the band go full operatic, creating a delicious hybrid of heavy metal showmanship and classical chops that’ll earn a standing ovation from fans of all things technical and soaring. Now, Lost Symphony have released a video of Loomis and guitarist Kelly Kereliuk engaging in a duel solo, and it’s one of the more mindblowing things you’ll see this week.

In this video released exclusively to The Pit below, Kereliuk and Loomis are performing a solo from the Lost Symphony track “The World Is Over.” Watching the two masters of their craft rip through the blizzard of howling notes has a distinctly Skwisgaarian feel to it, so fast and technical that one can barely follow along.

According to Lost Symphony’s Benny Goodman, “‘The World is Over’ was a song we had floating around for a few years, but we thought it most fitting for what was going on. I have always been inspired by Jason Becker and Cacophony and had wanted to do an homage to him. What better way than to put two of my heroes, Marty Friedman and Jeff Loomis together? Even though the world may be ending soon, we still have Marty and Jeff.”

“‘The World Is Over’ features both Marty Friedman and Jeff Loomis,” adds Kereliuk. “Having been an admirer of both players for many years, their impact on my playing is immeasurable. To share a track with EITHER is an honour…to have BOTH on this track is like the ultimate birthday present!”

Check out our exclusive clip of Kelly and Jeff taming sonic pythons below:

Lost Symphony’s Chapter II is out now and available for purchase.


Words by Chris Krovatin