Watch Bloody Hammers’ B-movie horror video for “A Night to Dismember”

Bloody Hammers A Night to Dismember video
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With Halloween just around the corner, heavy music’s most ghoulish are crawling out of their batcaves to bless us with some extra spooky visual tricks and treats. Transylvania County, North Carolina gothic occult doom ‘n’ roll outfit Bloody Hammers have added their own campy, over-the-top entry into the All Hallow’s Eve canon with their latest video for “A Night to Dismember.” Taken from the group’s upcoming album Songs of Unspeakable Terror, due out January 15 via Napalm Records, the band’s new clip is a celebration of vintage horror at its most deliciously lowbrow.

The video was inspired by an ’80s-era straight-to-VHS horror flick of the same name, but the clip pulls from a long history of low-budget b-movie camp and video nasty sleaze. Anders Manga and Devallia go for a cruise to the ol’ sanatorium in a Cadillac hearse, and it only escalates from there: Their drummer performs headless surrounded by hanging limbs, their own disembodied heads float before a spiraling vortex background, and some poor shlub keeps on getting chopped to bits. It sounds gross, but it’s all so cartoonishly charming that this doesn’t exactly qualify as gore.

“Considering the title of the song, we thought of many different ways to go about making this video,” says bassist Devallia about the video. “In the end we decided to go more toward the absurd. As Spinal Tap said, there is a fine line between stupid and clever, and we are standing firmly on that line.”

Watch the Bloody Hammers “A Night to Dismember” video below.


Words by Jeff Terich

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