Tool’s Adam Jones Releases New Track With Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor to Introduce His Signature Gibson Les Paul

Selbymay, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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New Tool music is like the giant squid — occasionally it gets found in the wild, and that’s rad, but most of the time you’re just working off of rumors and sucker marks on whales. But while we may not get new Tool for a while, we can at least have the next-best thing: new three-quarters-of-Tool! Guitarist Adam Jones has released a new song alongside drummer Danny Carrey and bassist Justin Chancellor to introduce his new signature Gibson guitar.

As you’ll hear below, the track in question is the soundtrack to a short film titled “The Witness.” It’s a beautiful ambient song that has echoes of Tool’s more ethereal moments, but definitely exists as its own animal. And while it’s a pretty elaborate way for Jones to introduce to the world his signature Adam Jones 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, you have to give it to the dude for doing something big and sprawling rather than another piece of footage where someone holds up their guitar in the studio and talks about how great it is.

“I’m proud to finally show the world the first release in our multi-year partnership with Adam Jones,” says Gibson CMO Cesar Gueikian of the partnership. “Adam is one of the most talented and sonically innovative guitarists. I call him modern riff lord and sonic architect. His creativity and technical ability in music, visual effects, production, videography and beyond is second to none and our collaboration is a true reflection of Adam.”

Check out “The Witness” below:

If you’re interested in purchasing an Adam Jones 1979 Signature Les Paul, you better start saving now. The Silverburst model costs you approximately $6,000,  while the Aged and Signed one clocks in at a whopping $10,000. That said, only 79 of the latter will be produced, so if you’re the guitar collector who must have it all, that’s probably chump change.


Words by Chris Krovatin