Today: FEVER 333’s Jason Aalon Butler Takes Over Our Instagram!

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Bands like FEVER 333 don’t just happen — their the product of inspired minds chasing visions and emotions that are impossible to fake. Since exploding onto the scene in 2017, the California hard-rock hybrid have destroyed genre boundaries, wowed audiences around the world, and changed what we consider extreme metal. And while the band is a united collective, the furious vocals and incendiary lyrics of frontman Jason Aalon Butler have a special place in our hearts. So it’s our honor to announce that today, Jason is taking over our Instagram page!

From 8:00AM to noon PDT, The Pit’s Instagram account belongs to Jason, all leading up to the first livestreamed show on their Global Demonstration virtual tour. The vocalist will show followers around the band’s livestream set-up, give us an inside look into their soundcheck, check in about FEVER 333’s new EP and the upcoming dates on the virtual tour, and drop a few personal messages here and there.

Want to see Jason take our account for a ride? Check out our Instagram right now to watch the demonstration go global!

And don’t forget to catch the band’s livestream tour later this week on the following dates:

FEVER 333 are certainly gearing up for this election day in style. Earlier this week, the band released “BITE BACK,” a new single that adequately sums up their uniquely radical sound.

“Everything in this song was what I’d seen during those 13 days and what I felt needed to happen,” says Butler of “BITE BACK.” “I saw buildings burn. I saw fights. I saw white allies stepping in front of the National Guard, because they knew they had a power those black bodies behind them did not. What did you expect? When you put any creature in a corner for so long and show them how quickly life can be taken from them, I don’t know what other option there is but fighting back.”

Listen to “BITE BACK” below:


Words by Chris Krovatin