Three Days Grace Gift Hearing Aids To Man Whose Daughter Signed Their Songs to Him

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Some weeks ago, a video went viral in which a daughter signed the lyrics to Three Days Grace‘s “Just Like You” for her hearing-impaired dad at one of the band’s concerts. Now, as if that story weren’t touching enough, the girl in the footage has posted a new video explaining that when Three Days Grace saw her, they decided to help her dad get new hearing aids — for free!

In a new video on her Tiktok, Karri Carberry told the story of how Three Days Grace tweeted her video — and then reached out to her to help her and her father.

“Do you guys remember that video with the girl signing the lyrics to her deaf father at a Three Days Grace concert?” wrote Karri. “Well…That was me! Let me tell you about something super awesome that happened after the video went viral. Neil Sanderson, the drummer from the band, messaged me on Facebook not long after the video blew up…”

Karri then shared a message from Neil explaining that a friend of his who works in the audiology field was part of an initiative called Campaign for Better Hearing. They were working on new hearing aid technology, and Neil wanted to give Karri’s dad a new set of hearing aids — for no charge.

“Neil and a friend of his teamed up and gifted my dad with a brand new set of hearing aids with all the costs covered,” said Karri in her story.

Watch the full video here and consider that maybe humanity isn’t a complete trash heap after all:

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We gotta tip our hats to Three Days Grace — this was a classy move, and they’re good people for it.