The Witch from Black Sabbath’s Debut Album Is Now a Funko Pop! Figure

Vertigo Records, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
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Over the years, the witch from the iconic cover of Black Sabbath‘s 1970 self-titled debut has become a heavy metal icon, even though she’s barely visible in the original photo use for the record sleeve. Now, in honor of the album’s 50th anniversary, plastic figurine purveyors Funko have announced that the Black Sabbath witch will get the ultimate tribute: she’ll become one of their Pop! statuettes.

Earlier today, Black Sabbath tweeted, “Coming Soon: @oringialFunko Pop! Albums: #BlackSabbath. Pre-order yours today! #Funko #FunkoPop #PopAlbum”

Black Sabbath’s Funko Pop! figurine is already available for preorder.

The witch figurine isn’t Black Sabbath’s only 50th anniversary special release in 2020. In honor the 50th anniversary of the release of their second album Paranoid, Sabbath have announced that they’ll be putting out a super deluxe vinyl box set of the album…and man, does it look delicious.

The Paranoid Super Deluxe edition comes in as either a 5LP or 4CD version, and includes the original album, a rare 1974 quadrophonic mix of the album, and two concerts from 1970 recorded in Brussels and Montreux. The vinyl version also includes a hardbound book featuring interviews with all four original members of Black Sabbath, as well as rare photos, a poster, a replica Paranoid tour book, and other cool goodies.

“It would’ve been easy for Black Sabbath to follow up their debut with a bunch of songs about witches, spaceships, and Lucifer — and, to the band’s credit, that record would’ve no doubt been pretty rad,” wrote The Pit’s Chris Krovatin in his 50th-anniversary tribute to Paranoid. “Instead, they wrote Paranoid, a haunting vision of the world that was faster, creepier, and realer than what anyone else was making at the time. Fifty years later, the album is as definitive to heavy metal as it’s ever been, helping fans grapple with a world where it seems like every day, Satan, laughing, spreads his wings.”

The Paranoid Super Deluxe box set will come out October 9th, and is available for pre-order.