Revolting’s New Single Is Why We Love Death Metal

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There are a few universal truths in this world: the sky is blue, burgers are delicious, and Revolting fucking rule. Since the release of 2009’s Dreadful Pleasures, the Swedish three-piece, led by Rogga Johnson (known for his work in Paganizer, Ghoulhouse, Ribspreader, Massacre, Fondlecorpse, and a laundry list of metal’s finest contemporary bands), have released one album after another of fast, fun, no-frills death metal that scratches the misanthropic itch for those of us who love the genre at its tastiest (you know the itch, it’s in the sacral dimple). And on their upcoming new album The Shadow at the World’s End, it’s obvious that the band haven’t dulled their edge one bit.

The band’s new single, “Dragged Back to the Cellar,” is a beautiful affirmation as to why Revolting remain so important in the hearts and guts of their fans. Rushing forth with a thrash gallop, the track immediately merges groaning, mold-edged melodeath riffs with gore-snarls and tongue-out solos. A bridge in the middle provides a moment of hair-bobbing and heel-stomping, but it exists mostly to give way back into the song’s excitable speed. The track’s tempo and atmosphere seem tailor-made to whip up a frenzy among crowd of miscreants who refuse to take off their leather jackets, but its inherently deliciousness also makes it a track that one could play for a non-metal fan and have them thoroughly enjoy. In that respect, it’s a metal song for all, so wholehearted in its love of riffs, blood, and madness that it feels representative of the genre overall.

Listen to our exclusive premiere of Revolting’s “Dragged Back to the Cellar” below:

Revolting’s new album The Shadow at the End of the World comes out November 27th via Transcending Obscurity Records, and is available for preorder in the US and in Europe.


Words by Chris Krovatin