Power Trip’s Riley Gale Now Has A Dallas Library Named After Him

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Perhaps the biggest loss to rock and metal in 2020 was the death of Power Trip frontman Riley Gale, whose sudden passing at 34 brought an end to one of the most impressive and exciting careers in contemporary music. But not only was Riley an incredible frontman, he was also a relatable and genuine figure in the metal world — evidenced in part by the fact that he was so passionate about charitable causes. Now, Dallas Hope Charities, the organization that Power Trip asked fans to donate to in lieu of flowers and gifts, have opened the Riley Gale Library in honor of the fallen singer.

“To honor our friend Riley, we wanted to contribute to a cause that he was passionate about,” wrote the organization via a Facebook post. “Dallas Hope Charities was an important organization to Riley. Dallas Hope Charities provides care for those in need throughout the Dallas community. By collaborating and hosting several programs, Dallas Hope Charities provides food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and hope for all. The Dallas Hope Center is the city’s only LGBTQ-focused Homeless Youth Transitional Living Center and extension program. By helping provide inclusive spaces for at-risk, homeless LGBTQ youth (18 to 24), the Dallas Hope Center hopes to change the lives of those who experience high rates of conduct disorder, post-traumatic stress, and suicidal behavior.

“Our goal is to provide the Dallas Hope Center residents a full library by December 2020. A place that each resident can go to access a variety of books, request books they are interested in that we will provide, and socialize with one another. Riley Gale shared his love of reading with many of his friends, which is what led to the development of the Riley Gale Memorial Library.

“Please consider providing donations to us so that we can reach our goal of this library being ready before December 2020. Please consider donating gently used or new books to fill our library. We plan to give residents the ability to request specific books as they wish, and we will post those requests throughout our social media pages for anyone wanting to contribute.”

To honor our friend Riley, we wanted to contribute to a cause that he was passionate about. Dallas Hope Charities was an…

Posted by Riley Gale Library on Thursday, September 24, 2020

You can donate to Dallas Hope Charities at their website, and can send books to the Riley Gale Library via the wishlist on their Facebook page.


Words by Chris Krovatin