Ministry’s Voting PSA Makes The Election Seem Like One Giant Mosh Pit

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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You gotta hand it to Ministry — they could make clipping your fingernails feel like hurling a molotov cocktail. The industrial legends have always added a fevered anger and urgency to everything they do, from dressing up in goth clothes to driving a car through the desert. Now, the band have released a new video for their 2012 song “Git Up, Get Out and Vote,” and it basically makes voting seem like the most radical act any human being can take part in.

As you’ll see in the footage below, Ministry’s video makes a point of not taking one side or the other, but instead just showcasing footage from the past four years in America alongside shots of both Trump and Biden. That said, a lot of the aforementioned footage is of protestors taking to the streets and riot police assaulting them, not to mention yuppies protecting their mansion with guns alongside a few shots of Trump throwing a suspiciously Heil-ish sort of wave. So while Ministry are making a point of walking down the middle of the road, they’re also making subtle suggestions as to where their allegiances lie.

Check out the video below:

“Git Up, Get Out and Vote” originally comes from Ministry’s 2012 release Relapse (which, it’s worth noting, was also released during an election year in America).

Ministry saw a tragic loss among their ranks last year when Bill Rieflin, the drummer who played with the band on some of their most important albums, passed away at 59 after losing a battle with cancer.

“Today we lost a wonderful artist, tremendous human being and an integral part of Ministry’s developments and success,” said the band in a statement on social media around the time of Rieflin’s death. “Safe travels my brother on the way to your next universal gig.”


Words by Chris Krovatin