Metallica to broadcast ‘S&M2’ via PBS

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Metallica‘s doing the U.S. a solid tonight by airing their orchestral S&M2 concert through an unexpected channel: PBS. That’s right, public broadcasting—who brought you Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Ken Burns’ Civil War, Baseball and Jazz docu-series, and Huell Howser’s California Gold—is stuffing that tote bag full of heavy metal.

S&M2, which was recorded with the San Francisco Symphony to mark the grand opening of the Chase Center in the band’s home city of San Francisco, is being aired on most local PBS stations across the country tonight for free. Make sure to check local listings to confirm the airing of the concert; in New York, for instance, it’ll be broadcast at 9 p.m. Eastern, Los Angeles is airing the concert at 10 p.m. Pacific, and San Diego won’t see the concert until Saturday.

“Ever think you’d see Metallica on PBS?” the band says via social media. “Well now’s your chance! Check your local listings for one more hit of the two incredible nights we had with the San Francisco Symphony.”

This is just part of a year’s worth of performances that Metallica have been sharing with fans since lockdown put live music on hold. During the year, the band released complete concerts from their archives for their “Metallica Mondays” series, as well as raising money for both Coronavirus relief and funds to aid wildfire relief in California. Metallica also recently released that they’ll be streaming their ‘Helping Hands Concert & Auction’ online on November 14 at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. The concert will benefit Metallica’s charity, the All Within My Hands Organization. Tickets go for $15 and are available via

This concert has been brought to you by the number 666, and the emoji 🤘.


Words by Jeff Terich