Metal AF Rapper Dana Dentata Signs To Roadrunner Records

Photo by Michael Mendoza
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Last night, awesomely terrifying rap artist Dana Dentata livestreamed her performance art film The Resurrection of Dana Dentata, featuring her performing some of her more confrontational anthems dressed as an angel covered in blood. Now, it looks like Dana’s storied career of bizarre art has paid off, as Dana has signed to Roadrunner Records — making her the first female solo artist to do so.

On October 8th Dana Dentata will drop her first new music of 2020, “Do U Like Me Now?” The song is a taste of the rapper’s upcoming new album, the brilliantly-titled Pantychrist. Expected to arrive next year, Dentata has been finalizing work on Pantychrist, collaborating in the studio with artists / producers: Dylan Brady of 100 Gecs, Kris Esfandiari of King Woman/Miserable, Robokid, Yawns and Fish Narc of GothbBoiClique, and more.

On top of all that, Dana is set to feature in the genre-stretching horror/musical podcast, Halloween In Hellwhich will premiere October 10th via all podcast platforms.

If you missed Dana’s livestream from last night, check it out right now — it’s sexy, disturbing, beautiful, blasphemous, and cool as hell. It definitely bodes well for her work on Roadrunner, and makes her one of the artists to watch in the coming year.

Hopefully, if 2021 becomes the year that concerts return to the world, Dana will tour with her unique brand of performance art — which, for those of you unfamiliar with her work, can get a bit confrontational.

“I was about to play shows in parts of America where they were pro-life and threatening to take away women’s freedom over their bodies so I wore a baby I attached to a chain umbilical cord to represent pro choice,” Dana told the UK’s Love Magazine earlier this year. “The baby has two heads, one side of the baby is evil, the other is an angel. In the narrative of my art there is always a demon with me and I think the baby is a product of us that is pure intent and pain, much like the people that have been drawn to me or my music. I feel protective over the wounded souls that have found power in my music and I want to hold them all like babies and feed them.”

Keep your eyes out for Dana Dentata’s “Do U Like Me Now?” next week, and her new album Pantychrist in the coming year.


Words by Chris Krovatin