King Woman’s Kris Esfandiari shares new rap track as DALMATIAN, “Friday the 13th”

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Kris Esfandiari is about as versatile as musicians get. With King Woman, she makes hazy but massive doom metal, crafts blissful dreamy pop music with Sugar High, delves into the dense guitar-driven sound of shoegaze with Miserable, and unleashes a pretty unholy noise and death industrial cacophony with her NGHTCRWLR project, which recently released the intense Let the Children Scream. That’s a lot to juggle, but the prolific California musician has yet another project that’s releasing new music. Back in October 2019, Esfandiari released “Pain Threshold,” her debut single with her trap/cloud rap project DALMATIAN. And today, just as that track hits its one year anniversary (there might be a common thread of Halloween here…), she’s unleashed another new track, titled “Friday the 13th.”

Her second single as DALMATIAN is a trippy, ethereal hip-hop track that takes down misogyny and toxic masculinity with an extra helping of Hollywood horror imagery. She mentions “He’s that Michael Myers type” in one verse, warns that “He’s a psychopath in a Jason mask,” and announces that she’s over all this Pinhead chicanery: “Had my fill of this Hellraiser shit.” Empowerment meets spooky seasonal hauntings, what’s not to love? And it arrives just in time to add to your Halloween playlists. As an added bonus, of course, the track absolutely slaps.

Listen to DALMATIAN’s “Friday the 13th” below.

Esfandiari is also slated to appear on the debut album by metal AF rapper Dana Dentata, Pantychrist.


Words by Jeff Terich