Imperishable (Nile, Enthean) Offer A Crushing Dose of Occult Death Metal Via Their New Video

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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If you like your death metal brutal and hard-hitting, but enjoy that extra bit of arch-evil that comes from the black metal world, Imperishable are for you. The three-piece, fronted by Nile guitarist Brian Kingsland and backed by bassist Alex Rush and drummer Tommy Harrison, play deliciously catchy American death metal, but incorporate that looming European vibe that makes the riffs sound a little more diabolical than most.

“If you enjoy lots of technical wanky guitar, overly polished production; you won’t enjoy this record,” says Kingsland of the band’s new EP, Revelation In Purity. “This album will be more old school and raw. Topics lean heavily on self-confidence and strength in one’s beliefs. We shred, but only when it fits the composition. This band is all about the riffs and songwriting.”

Imperishable’s new single and video, “Exclusion Continuum,” hammers home this vibe with an iron fist. The song itself is a throttling, room-filling death metal track that seems made for tearing one’s neck muscles. The video, meanwhile, features an arcane mixture of ancient temples, shattered skulls, and goat-headed priests seemingly lording over an infernal rite. It’s the kind of video you wish every band committed to, for the kind of song you want to play at Thanksgiving to get your extended family out of the house (unless your family fucking rules).

Check out “Exclusion Continuum” below:

Keep your eyes out for an announcement of Imperishable’s Revelation In Purity EP in the near future.