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The AC/DC comeback is officially in full swing, with the Australian rock gods revealing their new album title on Tuesday and confirming their current line-up yesterday. Now, AC/DC have posted a teaser of new music from their upcoming album PWR/UP — and, not to alarm you, but, it sounds like an AC/DC song.

The teaser is from the song “Shot In The Dark,” which sticks to the traditions that the band have built their empire on — bluesy guitar, headbang-along-rhythms, and howling vocals about shooting and shots. Granted, it’s only 30 seconds of music, but it none the less gives you an idea of the track’s general tone, which is, as you might imagine, the tone that the band have been courting since their inception. In that way, even these 30 seconds are incredibly satisfying.

Check out the first teaser of AC/DC’s “Shot In The Dark” here:

Notable on the track is that singer Brian Johnson is back on vocal duties after briefly leaving the band due to issues with hearing loss. Johnson’s inclusion is important, as the singer was forced to leave the band due to issues with hearing loss and was briefly replaced with Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose.

The rest of the current line-up is Angus Young on lead guitarCliff Williams on bass, Phil Rudd on drums, and Stevie Young on rhythm guitar.

AC/DC’s comeback really kicked off last week, when fan site AC/DC Brasil claimed it had screenshots of photos that were posted — and quickly thereafter deleted from — AC/DC’s website. The shots were supposedly of the band recording a video together in the Netherlands, and featured Brian Johnson on vocals, as well as Rudd playing with guitarist Stevie Young for the first time.

Check out the screenshots below:

Via AC/DC Brasil

More on AC/DC’s upcoming new album as it comes.


Words by Chris Krovatin