Heads For The Dead (Revel In Flesh, ex-Hail of Bullets) Drop Bloodthirsty New Rager “Into The Red”

When it comes to dread, gore, and the looming specter of death, Heads For The Dead are all-in. The British/German three-piece add gnarly old-school cruelty to their death metal, merging both infectious melody and murderous gravity to create something that’s totally punishing even as it’s impossible to stop listening to. And while many bands have chosen ‘Horror’ as the video store section about which they’ll write all of their albums, HFTD definitely seem to believe in it a little more than others, the terror of their musical narratives’ victims — and the sadistic lusts of their villains — shining through in their sound.

“Into the Red,” the title track from the band’s upcoming new album, pins down Heads for the Dead’s specific appeal. The song is mostly mid-paced and pounding, opening with a scream of “BLOOD!” and oozing forward at a parasite’s suckling pace. However, even while the track remains pendulous, there’s a listenability to it that makes this band’s horror stories that much more exciting and toothsome than those of their peers. As one is taken through the track’s many stone-walled chambers of exsanguination, they are reminded of the films of Hammer Studios — grand, ornate, but always focused on entertaining the viewer more than disgusting or alienating them.

Check out the lyric video of Heads For The Dead’s “Into The Red” below:

Heads For The Dead’s Into The Red comes out December 11th on Transcending Obscurity Records, and is available for preorder in the United States and Europe.

Check out the full tracklisting of Into The Red below (including an incredibly brutal cover of Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger”):

1. Into The Red
2. The Coffin Scratcher
3. At The Dead Of Night
4. Horror Injection
5. The Seance
6. Night Ripping Terror
7. The Midnight Resistance
8. Multi Morbid Maniac
9. The Revenant
10. The Prophecy Fulfilled
11. Transilvanian Hunger
12. Creatures Of The Monolith


Words by Chris Krovatin

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