Halestorm announce vinyl reissue of Live in Philly 2010

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Halestorm have announced a 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of their live album, Live in Philly 2010. Originally recorded at the Theatre of Living Arts in their hometown of Philadelphia and released in November of 2010, a little over one year after the band’s self-titled debut, the album is being pressed on clear and black mixed color vinyl in a limited edition of 5,000. It marks the first time the live recording has been made available on vinyl.

“10 years ago was the beginning of a new lifetime,” says Lizzy Hale in a press release. “We had just released our first album on Atlantic Records. It was a time of discovering who we were, not just to ourselves…but who we were to the world. When I listen to this live album, I still remember the feeling of beautiful panic before hitting the stage at the TLA, a place where I had experienced the live shows of many of my idols as a young Pennsylvania girl. Most of these songs were relatively new and some we were performing live for the first time. I can hear the growling hunger of the four of us. We were ravenous and hell bent on proving ourselves on a new level. This show was a step forward toward a future unknown…the rest is history.”

The vinyl release is part of the Run Out Groove series, which allows fans to vote on future pressings. Pre-orders can be found here. Take a look at the sweet-looking deluxe vinyl package below.


1. “It’s Not You”
2. “What Were You Expecting”
3. “Innocence”
4. “Bet U Wish U Had Me Back”
5. “Love/Hate Heartbreak”
6. “I’m Not An Angel”
7. “Familiar Taste of Poison”
8. “Boom City”
9. “Nothing to Do with Love”
10. “Dirty Work”
11. “I Get Off”
12. “Tell Me Where It Hurts”
13. “Better Sorry Than Safe”


Words by Jeff Terich